1. The Louisiana state government is considering using a 1910 patent law to allow it to buy expensive hepatitis-C treatments at lower prices. To treat the 35,000 people with hepatitis C in the state who are uninsured and covered by Medicaid would cost $764 million based on current prices. (Kaiser Health News)

2. The House is expected to vote today on a replacement bill for the Affordable Care Act. This legislation would reduce coverage for an estimated 24 million people. (Axios)

3. Drugmakers and insurers continue to forge pay-for-performance deals, which demonstrate “the fact that we are standing behind the value the product has, and [that] we’re willing to put some money behind it,” James Borneman, Sanofi’s head of strategic pricing, told The Associated Press. (AP)

4. Perrigo disclosed that the Department of Justice sent agents to its offices with search warrants as part of an investigation into alleged price collusion in the generic-drug industry. (Bloomberg)

5. People with insomnia who take placebo pills can feel more rested after sleeping than people who undergo no treatment. In another trial, patients who took sleeping pills and ones who were given placebos both reported improved sleep. (Reuters)