Congress has sent a letter to Juul threatening to subpoena the company. The e-cigarette maker has not complied with a congressional probe investigating whether it intentionally marketed its products to children. Juul has until October 1 to respond. (CNBC)

Less than half of the $10 billion Purdue Pharma settlement may be paid to the 24 states that agreed to the deal. Only $4.4 billion is guaranteed in cash. The rest of the settlement is up in the air, set to be determined by insurance payments and future sales of the painkiller OxyContin. (Bloomberg)

Novartis’ Sandoz division has stopped the distribution of generic versions of Zantac. Regulators in the U.S. and E.U. have begun an investigation into the discovery of cancer-causing chemicals in the heartburn drug. (Daily Beast)

India has prohibited the sale of e-cigarettes, effective on Wednesday, including a ban on production, importation and advertising of these products. It does not include a ban on using e-cigarettes. Offenders could face up to three years in jail. Both Juul and Philip Morris International had plans to launch products in India. (Reuters)

Humana cofounder David Jones passed away on Wednesday at age 88. Jones was CEO for 37 years and chairman for 44. He started Humana as a nursing-home company after borrowing $1,000 before developing it into a health insurance company. (Axios)