The Food and Drug Administration’s head of external affairs was ousted. John Wagner is no longer heading the agency’s office of external affairs. Heidi Rebello, an FDA career official, has stepped into the position on an acting basis, overseeing all FDA public communications. (Politico)

Inexpensive steroids reduced death from COVID-19 by one-third, according to a study from the World Health Organization. The study analyzed seven clinical trials of the steroids. The WHO issued new guidelines for corticosteroids to become the standard of care for severely ill patients. (STAT)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention asked states to prepare to distribute a vaccine as early as November. The CDC laid out plans for shipping, mixing, storage and administration of two potential vaccines to high-risk groups. Some worry the vaccine is being rushed due to the election. (The New York Times)

Half of U.S. adults reported feeling some symptoms of depression, according to a study. The rate has doubled since a similar survey was conducted two years ago. This study was also conducted before the COVID-19 pandemic. (Associated Press)

Nine companies received funding to scale up testing from the National Institutes of Health. The NIH awarded $129 million to these companies to help speed testing and the manufacturing of new testing technologies. (Reuters)