Federal health officials counted another 78 cases of measles last week, bringing the total to 704 this year, the highest in a single year since 1994. (CNBC) Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar reiterated that vaccines are safe, saying, “The suffering we are seeing today is completely avoidable.” (Reuters) In response to growing demand, Merck said it will increase the supply of the measles vaccine. (MM&M)

The Food and Drug Administration has singled out Bayer prostate cancer drug darolutamid for priority review. Two weeks ago, Bayer and Finnish partner Orion reported positive late-stage data for the prostate cancer treatment. (Endpoints)

Slack noted the importance of remaining compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act in its initial public offering filings. Slack said in February that its file-upload feature was HIPAA-compliant but that its direct messaging and channel communications features were not yet approved. (Business Insider)

David Weekly, a veteran of Facebook and Alphabet, is launching Medcorder, an app that will enable patients to record their doctors’ notes. Weekly decided to switch from technology to a career in health tech after several of his family members were diagnosed with cancer. (CNBC)

Healthcare could be a major hurdle for President Donald Trump’s re-election chances. Respondents told an ABC News/Washington Post poll by a 17-point margin that Trump’s handling of healthcare makes them more likely to oppose him in 2020. (ABC News)