States seek $2.2 trillion from Purdue Pharma for its role in the opioid epidemic. Nearly every state has sought money from Purdue to address the opioid crisis. The states accused the drugmaker of pushing prescription painkillers on doctors and patients while playing down the risks. (Reuters)

U.S. COVID-19 deaths rise, but case totals continue to drop. The death toll from COVID-19 rose 2% last week, but cases fell for the fourth week in a row. There were about 360,000 new cases and 7,400 deaths. (Reuters)

Opioid prescriptions continue to drop for Medicare Part D recipients, according to a government report. The efforts to revise prescribing practices efforts and treat people who were addicted to opioids are making progress. (STAT)

Sanofi to buy Principia Biopharma for $3.68 billion. The two companies were working together to develop a multiple sclerosis drug. With the acquisition, Sanofi has full control of the experimental treatment. (BioPharma Dive)

A court upheld the patent for Novartis’ multiple sclerosis drug Gilenya. The lawsuit was brought by generic manufacturers that claimed the patent was no longer valid. The ruling protects Gilenya from generic competition. (Reuters)