Britain’s state-funded health service has ruled that Yescarta, Gilead’s CAR-T cell therapy that treats two forms of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, is too expensive. 
The list price for Yescarta in the U.S. is $373,000, although drug manufacturers usually provide price discounts in the U.K. “If we’re going to see CAR-T therapy widely available on the NHS, we need to find ways to reduce the costs,” Raj Chopra, head of cancer therapeutics at the Institute of Cancer Research in London, said. (Reuters

Eisai’s weight loss drug lorcaserin, sold under brand name Belviq, did not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events in a large-scale study. Half of the study’s 12,000 overweight or obese participants were tracked for at least three years. (Reuters

Experts are mixed on whether pharmaceutical companies’ momentary drug pricing freezes will have a long-term impact. While some manufacturers, including Pfizer, have delayed raising prices, industry insiders are not convinced the change of heart will last. (MM&M

Women are increasingly turning to wearables to help them track their fertility. There are a range of popular apps and devices, but critics contend most lack proven data to show they help women get pregnant more quickly. (The New York Times)

After a story ran detailing how a 44-year-old teacher was hit with a $108,951 insurance bill following a heart attack, the hospital said it had slashed the bill to $782.29. Still, the case “illustrates the dangers that even insured people face,” said Los Angeles-based attorney Carol Lucas. (NPR)