The White House is mulling whether to roll out its healthcare plan next month. Some advisers to President Donald Trump reportedly think he should release a specific healthcare plan quickly to contrast with the policy ideas of Democrats campaigning for president. (Wall Street Journal)

Don’t wait. That’s the message from the biggest Canadian pharmaceutical lobbyist to the country’s government on coming up with a plan to respond to a possible Trump administration proposal to buy drugs from Canada. Government officials in Canada have opposed the measure out of fear of shortages. (Reuters)

CVS is trying to appeal to millennials. The drugstore chain has expanded its CarePass membership program nationally. The company started testing the program last year in an effort to fend off Amazon and other e-retailers, and early results showed one in five customers was a millennial. (CNBC)

Tecentriq Phase III study hits targets. Roche said Tecentriq combined with platinum-based chemotherapy reduced the risk of advanced bladder cancer worsening or death when compared to only chemo. Tecentriq was the first cancer immunotherapy approved in bladder cancer. (Reuters)

MM&M is issuing a call for work to help us fight a virulent disease in our midst—gun violence. In the wake of this weekend’s two mass shootings that left 31 dead and scores more wounded, MM&M is encouraging agencies and individuals alike to use their persuasive talents to create work designed to help end, once and for all, gun violence. (MM&M)