The Trump administration has proposed taking tobacco regulation away from the Food and Drug Administration. Under the budget proposal, a new agency would be created to regulate tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, within the Department of Health and Human Services. (STAT)

The coronavirus has sickened more than 40,000 people globally. There have now been more than 900 deaths from the virus, with nearly all of them located in China. One U.S. citizen who was in China has also died. (Associated Press)

Roche and Eli Lilly’s Alzheimer’s drugs have failed clinical trials. The two experimental drugs targeted a genetic component of Alzheimer’s, but the study failed to prove that they slowed the onset of the disease for those with a genetic predisposition. (Reuters)

Utah is sending state employees to Mexico for cheaper prescriptions. The state is trying to save money on rising drug prices and copays. Fewer than 400 employees are eligible for the program, which has saved the state about $225,000. (Associated Press)

Doctors are facing pressure by pharma companies to prescribe more ADHD meds. Some researchers worry that the marketing of stimulants to treat the attention disorder is too intense. Experts are also concerned that promoting stimulants could lead to a public health problem. (New York Times)