Agency Hill Holliday is rolling out a division, known as Hill Holliday Health, to raise awareness of its healthcare practice, which has been in business for a decade. Managing director Scott Rabschnuk and executive creative director David Leonardi will lead Hill Holliday Health. (MM&M)

The pharma industry will be keeping a close eye on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, as the Senate Finance Committee is set to grill top executives from seven major drugmakers over drug pricing. MM&M will be covering the hearings via both on its website and Twitter account (MM&M)

Danaher is planning to buy the biopharmaceutical division of General Electric for $21.4 billion, both companies said on Monday. The outgoing GE division is expected to earn about $3.2 billion in revenue this year. Danaher expects the deal to close by Q4. (CNBC)

A second lawsuit against Bayer that accuses the company’s Roundup weed killer of causing cancer began on Monday in California. Six months ago, another jury awarded $289 million in damages after it found Roundup caused another man’s non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and that Monsanto did not issue warnings about the risk. However, that amount was reduced to $78 million. (Reuters)

More time outside in green spaces for children can lead to better mental health for adults, according to a study published on Monday in the journal PNAS. Growing up near vegetation  is associated with a 55% lower risk of mental health disorders in adulthood, according to Danish researchers. (NPR)