A second U.S. case of person-to-person transmission of coronavirus was confirmed. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expect to see more person-to-person spread of the virus. Health officials also laid out plans to quarantine travelers showing symptoms. (Reuters)

The Department of Health and Human Services needs more money to combat coronavirus. HHS notified Congress that it may tap into an additional $136 million to fund its response to the outbreak. The health agency has already used up much of the $105 million set aside to public health emergencies. (Washington Post)

The first treatment for children with peanut allergies was approved. The Food and Drug Administration approved Aimmune Therapeutics’s drug, branded as Palforzia. The treatment trains children’s bodies to tolerate peanuts through small doses. (Associated Press)

GlaxoSmithKline and Gilead are working to develop a coronavirus vaccine. The two companies join Johnson & Johnson, Inovio Pharmaceuticals and Moderna in the race to create a vaccine. (BioPharma Dive)

Employers have started lobbying for lower drug prices. Much of the focus in Washington is on the price government programs like Medicare pay for drugs. But employers also have to pay for rising drug costs and are starting to lobby Washington for change. (STAT)