1. In a Phase-III trial, a combination of Merck’s Keytruda with Eli Lilly’s Alimta and standard chemotherapy extended the survival of patients with a type of non-small cell lung cancer. Roche and Bristol-Myers Squibb are also developing combo therapies for lung cancer. (Reuters)

2. The FDA is launching a pilot program that aims to encourage innovation in drug development by improving the transparency of clinical trial data. The agency is holding a forum today with doctors and health leaders to discuss issues around transparency. (FDA)

3. Spark Therapeutics’ $850,000 price tag for gene therapy Luxturna is at least twice as expensive as it should be when considering economic benefits to society, according to a report by the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review. (Forbes)

4. Aetna’s headquarters will remain in Hartford. The health insurer had planned to move to New York City, but that was before CVS agreed to purchase the company for $69 billion. (Insurance Journal)

5. The FDA indefinitely delayed the implementation of a final rule on off-label marketing, which was scheduled to go into effect in March. (Stat)