How Rezo Therapeutics, a private biotech, seized on the J.P. Morgan Healthcare conference to emerge from stealth and tell its story. The team behind Rezo Therapeutics, a new biotech co-founded by a group of University of California, San Francisco, scientists and industry veterans George Scangos and Norbert Bischofberger, was weighing if, and how, to finally come out of stealth mode after nearly five years of work. (STAT News)

Analysts said Veeva Systems’ stock is a healthcare gem. The upshot: Veeva has a strong moat, as pharmaceutical and biotech companies rely on its products heavily and rarely leave. (Nasdaq)

“Pharma bro” Martin Shkreli may have violated a judge’s order banning him from being involved in the pharmaceutical industry, the Federal Trade Commission announced recently. Shkreli, who was convicted for an illegal scheme to maintain a monopoly on the lifesaving toxoplasmosis drug Daraprim, could now be held in contempt of court for forming a new company called Druglike. (HealthDay News)

The University of Virginia received a $100 million gift for a biotechnology institute. The institute will also be supported by $50 million from the Commonwealth of Virginia and $150 million from the university. (Inside Higher Ed)

These Boston-based biotech billionaires have thrived despite the broader economic slump. Enriched beyond their own imagining, these investors and company executives have seen pandemic-era fortunes build and evaporate in the space of months. (Financial Review)