McKesson has settled an opioid lawsuit for $175 million. The lawsuit, brought by its investors, claimed McKesson failed to properly oversee suspicious shipments of opioids. The distributor also made several changes to better address future compliance issues. (Stat)

Big drug purchasers expect prices to keep increasing. These companies expect drug prices to rise 7% annually over the next three years. More than a third believe increases will be driven by new, expensive drugs coming to the market. (Stat)

The U.S. is monitoring over 100 possible coronavirus cases. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are monitoring cases in 26 states. Health officials say it doesn’t seem to be spreading in the U.S., so public risk remains low. (CNBC)

Johnson & Johnson’s scientific chief is confident the company can develop a vaccine for coronavirus. J&J’s Dr. Paul Stoffels said the company has dozens of scientists working on the vaccine, but it could take up to a year to bring it to market. (CNBC)

Barbershop diabetes screenings may help find more undiagnosed black men. In a study, 10% of the participants in barbershop screenings had blood sugar levels high enough to be considered diabetes, but were undiagnosed. (Reuters)