President Donald Trump called out Pfizer and other drugmakers on Twitter for raising drug costs. The president tweeted that the companies were hiking drug prices for no reason and argued that high drug prices in the U.S. are caused by low costs in Europe. Last week, Pfizer disclosed price hikes for 100 of its products. (CNBC)

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ended its test run to pay for an expensive cancer treatment. The plan would have paid for Novartis’ cancer treatment, Kymriah, which costs about half a million dollars each year. The strategy came under scrutiny after officials questioned whether Novartis got preferential treatment, or whether the deal was tied to former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s work for Novartis. (Politico)

Israeli pharma company PainReform got FDA approval to begin late-stage trials for a non-opioid painkiller. The drug is intended to be used during surgery, before the wound is sutured, and can relieve pain for as long as 72 hours, the company said. (Reuters)

News organizations are suing to get government opioid data. The Washington Post and HD Media are pushing for a public release of records from lawsuits between hundreds of local governments and the drug industry. The data could shine a light on the distribution of prescription opioids. (Associated Press)

CTI BioPharma’s cancer treatment failed in late-stage trials. The treatment for blood cancer, aggressive B-cell Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, did not show improvement in the length of time patients live without disease progression. (Reuters)