Shares of Teva Pharmaceutical were down nearly 15% on Monday as investors worried about a lawsuit from 44 states accusing the company and more than a dozen others of coordinating to increase drug costs. Shares of Mylan were also down by more than 9%. (CNBC)

Novartis vowed to fight the lawsuit, which also named its Sandoz generics unit. Novartis said in a statement that the claims, including that drugmakers conspired to raise prices sometimes by 1,000% or more, are “without merit” and vowed to contest them. (Reuters)

Shares of Insys traded near an all-time low on Monday after the company said that it may have to go into bankruptcy due to legal costs from a Justice Department investigation into sales tactics of its opioids. The company said it has $87.6 million in cash as of the end of March, far less than the $150 million settlement it reached with the federal government. (CNBC)

The number of U.S. measles cases this year has passed the 800 mark. As of last week, 839 measles cases have been reported this year, the most since 1994, when 963 were reported for the full year. As of Monday, 23 states have seen measles cases this year. (Associated Press)

U.K.-based Open Health Patient & Brand Communications has joined the BlocPartners, an international network of health creative and medical communications firms. The BlocPartners has a presence in 29 markets via 19 agencies. (Press release)