The Food and Drug Administration has tightened restrictions on coronavirus antibody tests after concerns over accuracy increase. Manufacturers need to submit applications for emergency use authorization within 10 days or face removal from the market. (CNBC)

Lawmakers have urged Jaguar Health to reverse price hikes on potential treatment for COVID-19 side effects. The company raised the price of Mytesi from $688 to $2,206 per bottle of pills in early April. Lawmakers asked Jaguar to provide all communications pertaining to the price increases. (Reuters)

The National Institutes Of Health began a study of coronavirus infection rates in children. The study will determine how many children infected with the virus develop symptoms. It will also determine if infection rates differ among children with asthma and those without. (Reuters)

Orphan drugs offer large health gains, but aren’t cost effective, a study found. Researchers found that orphan drugs were five times more likely to offer a health benefit than other medicines, but the median costs were substantially higher. (STAT)

A federal analysis projected 3,000 deaths each day from COVID-19 by June. The analysis from the Departments of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services also predicted daily cases will significantly rise to about 200,000 by the end of the month. (CNBC)