As more brands look to market around depression, some influencers are still getting the mental health conversation wrong. Simon Gunning, CEO at the British mental health charity Campaign Against Living Miserably, said that acting responsibly is most important when it comes to online conversations about mental health. (CNBC)

Anti-abortion groups argued over next steps in wake of election losses. The divisions among anti-abortion groups and Republican leaders threaten to undercut a movement that for decades has shaped party platforms, tipped the scales in primaries, and helped steer the federal judiciary rightward. (Politico)

A JAMA study found that in the first wave, more than two-thirds of patients developed long COVID-19. It reinforces the hypothesis that long Covid-19 symptoms are not correlated with infection severity alone. (Mint)

Patients said continuous glucose monitor startups still have to prove their worth. Over the past few years, companies like Levels, January, and Nutrisense started selling programs that promise to help people start managing their blood sugar levels. (The Verge)

Scientists have identified a soil fungus that causes lung infections and is spreading across the U.S. The researchers behind the work say doctors may be relying on outdated risk maps and therefore missing diagnoses of the infections, which can sometimes be deadly. (Gizmodo)