California is planning a $20 million public awareness campaign about the dangers of vaping nicotine and cannabis. Governor Gavin Newsom has also asked the state’s public health department to look into creating new warning signs for retailers and advertisements. (Associated Press)

It’s up to U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Robert Drain to decide whether to approve, reject or modify OxyContin-maker Purdue Pharma’s Chapter 11 filing. Purdue’s plan would transform the company into an organization that would continue to sell the opioid painkiller, but donate profits to people affected by the opioid epidemic. (Associated Press)

YouTube and Facebook have become sources of illegal steroids and performance enhancing drugs for teens and young adults, according to a study from nonprofits including the Taylor Hooton Foundation and Digital Citizens Alliance. The two social media platforms have also been criticized for extremist content. (CNBC)

For the first time since January, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recorded no new cases of measles in a week. The 2019 outbreak, with 1,241 cases, is the worst since 1992, when more than 2,100 cases were reported. (Reuters)

If you think that being a chief creative officer is all art and no science, think again. Sam Dolin, creative leader at Ogilvy Health, chats with MM&M’s Chops about what makes her tick and her creative process, and reveals that her job is much more business-focused than most people think. (MM&M)