Seagen announced it’s spending $700 million to take up LAVA Therapeutics’ EGFR-targeting drug candidate, LAVA-1223. Seagen will have an exclusive global license for the drug. (Endpoints News)

Recession fears have saved pharma from drug-pricing concerns. Manufacturers are facing patent expirations and price pressure, but investors won’t make them pay for those problems just yet. (The Wall Street Journal)

A new wave of concern has spread across the U.S. over the sale of “rainbow fentanyl” pills, powders and blocks. “I don’t think the color of the pills greatly increases danger to people who don’t use fentanyl, but there is always a possibility of someone who uses fentanyl leaving their pills around in the reach of children,” said Joseph Palamar, an associate professor in the Department of Population Health at NYU Langone Health. (CNN)

The biotech sector has turned to new and strange viruses to overcome gene therapy’s limitations. Although Earth abounds with pathogens that can maim, kill, paralyze, and poison, the specimens inside this machine — being pipetted left and right behind glass for sequencing — are probably the most innocuous human virus you will ever encounter. (STAT News)

Canada is dropping all COVID-19 traveling restrictions starting Oct. 1, including vaccination and mask requirements. The travel industry has supported the lifting of restrictions from flights and trains, noting it will help boost the economy – though health officials noted restrictions could return with new waves of high cases. (Reuters)