With funds running low, the Biden administration has suspended its free at-home COVID test program. The White House hopes to preserve a “limited supply” to ensure the availability of tests in the fall, when it’s possible the country “might face a new rise in infections and more acute need.” (Axios)

U.K. pharma group bosses could be sidelined in the wake of a recent watchdog ruling. The Competition and Markets Authority said that it had started proceedings to disqualify directors at four groups, including the chief executive of international healthcare group Alliance Pharma. (PA Media)

A contaminant found in top-selling drugs could cost Big Pharma millions. Nitrosamines, linked to cancer, have surfaced in Zantac, Januvia and generic valsartan. (Bloomberg)

A $280 million biotech development is coming to the Colorado market. A life sciences facility announced for Boulder County joins a growing list of projects underscoring the growth of Denver and Boulder biotech development. (BisNow

Monkeypox spoiled the plans of gay men for an “invincible” summer. Gay men across the U.S. are bemoaning the dates they never went on and the gatherings they avoided due to the viral outbreak. (NBC News)