Just under 37,000 Americans died of COVID-19 in November. It was the third most deadly month of the pandemic, trailing only April (60,699 deaths) and May (nearly 42,000). (Associated Press)

The Canadian government has banned bulk exports of prescription drugs to the U.S. The ban thwarts a Trump Administration rule allowing certain states to import drugs from Canada. (Endpoints News)

President Trump announced plans to convene industry and government leaders next week for a COVID vaccine summit. Participants will include members of the military as well as executives from United Parcel Service and other private-sector organizations. (Reuters)

An Agios Pharmaceuticals drug to treat a rare form of anemia performed well in a late-stage clinical trial, the company announced Tuesday. The drug, mitapivat, could potentially be used to treat a range of rare blood diseases. (STAT)

The novel coronavirus may have been circulating in the United States several weeks before its detection, a government study revealed. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention researchers found evidence of COVID antibodies in blood collected during December 2019. (USA Today)