Pfizer is planning to split into three business units: innovative medicines, established medicines, and consumer healthcare, with the innovative medicines group including biosimilars and a newly created hospital unit. The company is currently divided into two units: innovative medicines and essential health. (Reuters)

Pfizer said on Tuesday that it is planning to hold off on recently announced price increases, shortly after President Donald Trump criticized the decision on Twitter. Trump thanked Pfizer for the reversal on Tuesday afternoon. Pfizer said last week that it planned to increase the prices of more than 40 drugs. (Wall Street Journal)

The Trump administration is slashing funding for organizations that help consumers sign up for insurance via the Affordable Care Act. Individuals known as “navigators” will receive $10 million for 12 months starting in November, down from nearly $37 million in the year before. (Reuters)

A study on efforts to cut cardiovascular disease found a wide disparity between states trying to combat heart disease, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association-Cardiology. Nine so-called “red states” saw large increases in the amount of the heart-disease burden they were responsible for over the study’s 25 years. (CNBC)

The makers of fluoroquinolone antibiotics will be required to update labels to warn about potential low blood sugar adverse reactions and mental health issues, the FDA said on Tuesday. The FDA said it made the decision after a review of adverse event reports. (MedPage Today)