1. Two former sales reps for Insys Therapeutics pleaded guilty to allegations that they gave kickbacks to healthcare professionals in exchange for prescriptions of Subsys, a synthetic opioid that contains fentanyl. (Reuters)

2. A Startup Health report found that digital health startups raised $3.5 billion in the first half of the year, putting the industry on pace for its most lucrative year ever. (Modern Healthcare)

3. PhRMA launched a new campaign to address criticism of drug costs. Ads are expected to run in the Beltway and nationally. (Politico)  

4. New York is the first state to set limits on prescription drug costs based on their therapeutic benefits. That legislation passed in April. (JAMA Viewpoint)

5. In other state news, California is spending $5 million on a campaign to raise awareness about prediabetes. About 70% of people with prediabetes will be diagnosed with diabetes in the U.S. (LAT)