A Kaiser Family Foundation study revealed that 43% of parents do not plan to vaccinate their young children for COVID-19. 17% of parents reported their child has been vaccinated or will be as soon as possible. (CNN)

China has approved its first domestic anti-COVID pill, Azvudine. The country said it will produce 6.8 billion pills a year at half the price of Pfizer’s Paxlovid. (Fortune)

A group of Texas residents and employers have challenged the Affordable Care Act in court. The group is arguing that the law’s requirement that insurers must cover preventive services, such as STD screenings, violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. (Politico)

A government-supported fentanyl dispensary has been opened in Vancouver. Canadian public health officials said they hope to reduce deaths and severe illness from drugs by making the drugs safer for people who use them. (The New York Times)

Despite inconclusive data, Biogen has asked the Food and Drug Administration to approve another ALS drug. The agency previously approved Biogen’s Aduhelm despite controversy over its efficacy. (Endpoints News)