Merck has named Jim Scholefield as chief information and digital officer, effective on October 29. He will be responsible for leading the company’s technology and digital strategy. Scholefield currently works at Nike as chief information officer. (Business Wire)

Minnesota’s attorney general has filed a lawsuit against three insulin makers — Eli Lilly, Sanofi, and Novo Nordisk — accusing them of deceptively raising prices. It is the first state to take pharma companies to court over alleged insulin price-gouging. (STAT)

UnitedHealth reported Q3 revenue that was better than analysts’ expectations. Revenue increased 12.4% to $56.56 billion, higher than the expected $56.34 billion. It also added 2.8 million customers year-over-year in the third quarter. (CNBC)

Johnson & Johnson executives have argued that list prices in DTC ads may scare patients away. On an earnings call, the company’s head of pharmaceuticals said it was concerned about patients “not going to their doctor to seek care.” (Bloomberg)

The science behind two winners of the Nobel Prize in medicine caused one of the biggest marketing duels in pharma history. Laura Entis explores checkpoint inhibitors’ scientific and commercial impact, the unanswered questions, and what’s next for this enormously successful group of immunotherapies. (MM&M)