Biogen is, once again, seeking approval for its Alzheimer’s drug. The company ended studies of the drug, aducanumab, this year after an analysis showed it wasn’t meeting objectives. After a larger analysis, the company found patients who took the drug saw benefits in cognition and function. (CNBC)

Premiums for Affordable Care Act plans are expected to fall next year. Monthly premiums are predicted to drop 4% for the average ACA plan in 2020, compared to this year. The declines will be bigger in some states like Delaware, Oklahoma and North Dakota. (Reuters)

Novartis gene therapy Zolgensma reached $160 million in sales last quarter. The drug, which is for spinal muscular atrophy and has a price tag of $2.1 million, was used to treat 100 patients. Novartis is expecting revenue to grow with approvals pending in Europe and Japan. (STAT)

Teva has offered to donate $23 billion of addiction treatment Suboxone to resolve a range of opioid lawsuits. The company also said it would pay $250 million over a decade. Teva said it has reached deals with attorneys from states including North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas. (BioPharma Dive)

UPS will use drones to deliver medical supplies. The company has made deals with CVS to evaluate drones for delivering prescriptions and with hospitals to deliver medical samples and supplies. (Wall Street Journal)