Small vaping companies are requesting extensions to file e-cigarette marketing applications to the Food and Drug Administration. The deadline to file the applications is next week, and companies that don’t file will risk being kicked off the market. (STAT)

An expert panel said healthcare workers and first responders should get the COVID-19 vaccine first. The panel suggested vaccine distribution in four phases. Healthcare workers would be followed by older adults, then essential workers like teachers, people in homeless shelters and prisons, then young adults and children. (CNBC)

Telehealth visits are dropping after a massive spike due to the pandemic. In July, telehealth visits made up just 21% of total encounters, compared to 69% in April. Doctor’s offices and hospitals are returning to previous practices as in-person visits resume. (STAT)

House committee to subpoena AbbVie over pricing. The House Oversight Committee is investigating AbbVie’s pricing practices for blockbuster drugs Humira and Imbruvica. A representative wrote that AbbVie was not complying with the probe. (Reuters)

President Donald Trump will meet with drug companies this week to talk pricing. The meeting will cover President Trump’s executive order that would tie U.S. drug prices to prices paid in other countries. (Reuters)