Millions of doses of new COVID booster shots slated to roll out in coming days. This marks the first major upgrade to the COVID-19 vaccine targeting omicron subvariants, which account for 99% of all new cases. (ABC News)

Republican campaigns have been silent on healthcare as midterms near. GOP candidates are scrubbing campaign websites of anti-abortion language and in some cases distancing themselves from past criticisms of the Affordable Care Act. (Axios)

The Biden administration is gambling that a little-studied vaccine can stop monkeypox. The vaccine was designed to prevent smallpox, a related virus, and studies conducted by its Danish manufacturer have shown it works against monkeypox too, in animals. (Politico)

Renowned investor Cathie Wood doubled down on Ginkgo Bioworks. The biotech company’s horizontal platform is used to program cells to enable the biological production of products, including novel therapeutics, food ingredients and chemicals derived from petroleum. (Entrepreneur

An Oklahoma news anchor slurred her words on-air. It was the ‘beginnings of a stroke.’ Tulsa anchor Julie Chin was in the middle of a live broadcast on Saturday morning when she said she suddenly lost partial vision in one eye. (The Washington Post)