Johnson & Johnson has reorganized its pharmaceuticals business by dividing it into three major therapeutic clusters, each with its own research and development function. Under the realignment slated to go into effect on June 1:• David Norton, company group chair (CGC) commercial and operations and Paul Stoffels, CGC, R&D, will co-lead the newly created worldwide CNS/pain/infectious disease/metabolism/cardiovascular and primary care business unit.• Kris Peterson, CGC for R&D, commercial and operations, will take the helm of the new worldwide IMID/oncology/biotech business unit. • Julie McHugh, CGC for R&D and commercial will steer the new worldwide virology business unit.  Additionally, the duties of Joseph Scodari, worldwide chairman, pharmaceuticals, will be expanded to include full responsibility for R&D, commercial and operations. Scodari will continue to report to Christine Poon, vice-chair of J&J.In a memo to J&J employees, Poon wrote that “the management boards of these therapeutic area-based businesses will be empowered to make decisions in a decentralized manner. We believe this approach will energize these businesses and better enable each organization to drive innovation and growth.”A J&J spokesperson told MM&M that the reorg is also related to planning for the 2007 retirement of Per Peterson, J&J’s worldwide chairman, pharmaceutical R&D. Details of a succession plan, however, have yet to be finalized.