Sanofi-Aventis partnered with Cegedim Dendrite to launch a CRM mobile platform for its managed market managers. The three-year agreement spans 28 countries, including the US, France and Japan. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Cegedim’s “Mobile Intelligence” CRM program will be used by Sanofi managers working with insurance companies, governments, primary care and other managed markets-related stakeholders, to “help them promote their products, but also to help make sure managers at the national, regional and local levels are in synch,” said Drew Bustos, a spokesperson at Cegedim.

The program creates a “centralized depository” of information for managers across the spectrum, not just primary care sales reps, for example, noted Bustos.

“We have demonstrated the best capability to proactively support Sanofi-Aventis’ business model evolution towards multi-channel CRM, key account and KOL management, with the lowest investment,” said Laurent Labrune, CEO of Cegedim Dendrite, in a statement.

In a review of Cegedim’s mobile technology for managed markets, information technology research firm Gartner touted its graphic-based interface, including “lots of mouse-over views,” and modules that align with business processes, “from objective setting and planning to customer planning and tactics to leveraging formulary wins across the organization to understanding relationships to monitoring and reporting.” Negatives in the review included incomplete graphical influence mapping and a separate calendar function that can be integrated with MS Outlook.

The tool has already launched in the US, and is expected to launch in France and Spain during the first quarter of 2010, according to the release.