NuvaRing and Latisse lead the pack in DTC-driven traffic to their sites, according to Manhattan Research.

The research firm’s ePharma Consumer survey found that Merck Contraceptive NuvaRing jumped five spots to take the top spot for ad-driven traffic, while Allergan’s eyelash-extender, Latisse, launched last year, placed second.  
Sexual health products dominated the top 10. Latisse was followed by Cialis, Boniva, Abilify, Gardasil, Yaz, Viagra, Levitra and Lunesta.

“These are things where talking to friends and family or doctors might be awkward, so they want to research it on their own,” said VP research Meredith Ressi, “and especially with the oral contraceptive category, that’s a much younger segment and one that’s very active online.”

Also common to the top 10 was full incorporation of the website into the broader ad campaign. “Latisse especially integrated the URL into their campaign,” said Ressi, noting that ads pointed viewers to the site for before and after photos of Brooke Shields’ lashes, and to submit their own.

The study results will be the topic of a Manhattan Research webinar Thursday.