Spectrum Science has broadened its offering with the acquisitions of Sonic Health and The Seismic Collaborative.

Sonic focuses on corporate and brand communications for science-centered companies, while The Seismic Collaborative primarily supports early-stage health tech and biotech companies.

In the wake of the deals, which were financed by Monroe Capital, both Sonic and Seismic will join Spectrum as subsidiaries. Sonic will operate as the Sonic Story Lab, while Seismic will become the founding component of Spectrum’s emerging innovation group. The latter will be led by Seismic CEO Lisa Rodriguez.

Spectrum announced the deals the same week it was named to MM+M’s 2022 Agency 100.

Spectrum CEO Jonathan Wilson hailed Sonic for taking an emotive, strategic approach toward storytelling. Additionally, he noted that Seismic’s focus on emerging technologies should bolster Spectrum’s new business pipeline.

“When we look at our audiences, they don’t see the difference between public relations, creative, advertising, or paid content,” Wilson said. “We’ve got to be looking at the ways that we engage our audiences and make sure it’s credible, meaningful and impactful. That’s what we’ve been building toward.”

While many agencies have bought up smaller firms simply to achieve greater scale, Wilson said it’s more prudent to consider how acquired companies and their people will integrate into the broader enterprise.

“As you go through the process, you make sure that you’re looking at shared values, if the culture is aligned and how we aim to help people grow and develop in their careers,” Wilson explained.

Spectrum president Michelle Gross added that the agency’s clients have increasingly asked it to serve as a strategic partner to achieve their end-to-end goals. This, she said, spurred Spectrum to bring different perspectives and expertise into the fold. 

“That’s our North Star in terms of how we’re making these decisions and thinking about things, whether it be from a talent acquisition or a business acquisition perspective,” Gross noted.