Minds + assembly is a full-service creative agency practiced in the art and craft of commercial invention. We build authentic bonds between people + brands by making things that serve a purpose, beautifully.

2018 Revenue

$16.6 million

2018 Staff Size


2018 Total Clients

AOR: 11; Project-based: 2

Capabilities/Services Offered

  • Professional
  • Consumer
  • OTC/wellness
  • Relationship marketing/direct
  • Digital
  • Working with health tech startups or innovative tech
  • Public health/non-profit/NGO
  • Market research/data/analytics

Current Client List

  • Takeda, Firazyr Global, Gattex US Consumer, Gattex US Professional, Kogthero, Motegrity, Revestive, TAKHZYRO Global, TAKHZYRO US
  • Otsuka, Jynarque, Otsuka Corporate, Otsuka Digital Medicine


ZUBSOLV® Change Can Be Beautiful Campaign

GATTEX® (teduglutide) #ShortBowelWarrier Campaign

Takeda Museum of Missed Opportunities (MoMO) Campaign

Contact Information

164 Crosby Street, Floor 3, New York, NY 10012


[email protected]