Synapse is a full-service health care marketing agency that can help you meet your business objectives with innovative solutions that leverage scientific expertise, bold creative, and proprietary network mapping analytics. Partner with Synapse’s unique suite of services, and maximize your brand’s commercial potential. 

2018 Revenue

$35 million

2018 Staff Size


2018 Total Clients

AOR: 14

Capabilities/Services Offered

  • Professional
  • Consumer
  • Relationship marketing/direct
  • Med ed
  • Digital
  • Payer/managed markets/access
  • Working with health tech startups or innovative tech
  • Public health/non-profit/NGO
  • Market research/data/analytics


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For pathologists, testing for new biomarkers, such as NTRK gene fusions, requires deep knowledge of the biomarker itself as well as the testing methodologies. To address these educational needs, comprises a catalog of curated content, self-assessments, and expert videos.

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