How can agencies best contribute to the fight against cancer?

Transforming the landscape of cancer care is a team effort.

 Agencies can best contribute by building truly great informational resources and communications programs that meet the needs of relevant treating physicians and their practices, nurses, pharmacists, patients, caregivers, and payers.

Work can include preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic products, as well as other related initiatives, such as clinical trial enrollment.

Cancer care is getting more personalized by the day. And, as treatments have become more and more targeted, so too have advocacy and educational efforts. While this drives a certain level of fragmentation of efforts, it also leads to very specific calls to action for tar-get audiences.

For example, a call to “get a checkup” shifts to “get genetically tested.” The specificity of the ask coupled with an actionable treatment — if needed — can rally the most recalcitrant consumer.

More general cancer education efforts cannot be forgotten in this landscape. It’s those efforts that create a more sensitized market from which the targeted campaigns can pivot. 

Steven Michaelson is founder and CEO of Calcium, the sponsor of the 2017 Platinum Award, which was awarded to Dr. Richard Wender, chief cancer control officer of the American Cancer Society. Read more about Dr. Wender