The meteoric rise of podcasting is evidence that consumers are craving a flexible on-demand platform for health-related information. Podcasts have the potential to be the foundation of the new patient engagement model, connecting authentic stories and experiences in a way that leads to greater connectivity, engagement and participation in their own health journey.

One challenge that we at Guidemark Health have identified is the lack of an easy button or identifiable on-ramp to help connect consumers with approachable, high-quality healthcare information specifically directed at their needs. While there are hundreds of thousands of podcasts available, not all are created equally. Our goal is to be that on-ramp, helping the healthcare community to actively engage with this emerging, important channel. Here are two of our favorite podcasts.

Lung Cancer Considered

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There is certainly no shortage of COVID-19 podcasts being produced. Given the immediate context of the pandemic — specifically how aggressively the virus attacks the respiratory track and hence the significant concern for populations with existing health conditions and the immunocompromised — here is one in particular to check out.

Lung Cancer Considered, the podcast of The International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC), quickly mobilized worldwide leading experts with impressive scientific and medical degrees to dispel conspiracy theories and discuss the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on patients and providers. The podcast isn’t just for those living with existing lung disease; get the facts and hear practical advice to help protect yourself and loved ones. And be sure to check out previous episodes covering other important public health issues like e-cigarettes and vaping.

Our community is particularly vulnerable to COVID-19. The podcast is very timely. It brought together a patient, a public health/cancer researcher, a virologist and an oncologist to discuss how we need innovative public health solutions to make individual-level patient impact.

Upal Basu Roy, Ph.D., MPH, VP of Research, LUNGevity

Your Stories: Conquering Cancer

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Appropriately named, Your Stories: Conquering Cancer, is a podcast series from Conquer Cancer, the ASCO Foundation, that features unscripted conversations between patients, doctors and the family and loved ones who work to conquer cancer with them. See the world of scientific breakthroughs through a humanistic lens by listening to incredible stories of survivorship, dedication and support. In a recent episode, hear Nizar Tannir, M.D., FACP, tell the heart-wrenching story of a patient that solidified his decision to leave his private practice for the full-time research of a rare and aggressive kidney cancer. He shares his plan to accelerate discoveries including working with other scientists such as Conquer Cancer researcher Pavlos Msaouel, M.D., Ph.D. Hear from the two colleagues as they promise to leave no stone unturned.