What will be the most game-changing catalyst in industry’s quest to become more patient-oriented?

The patients themselves are the game-changing catalyst in the industry’s quest for patient orientation. Industry invests heavily on patient programs and digital solutions with limited understanding of patient behavior. Self-care behavior insight is the core foundation that informs, educates and engages patients, healthcare providers, and industry. It’s about time we invite patients to become contributors to healthcare transformation.

Grace Soyao, founder and CEO


Address: 101 College St., MaRS Centre, South Tower, Suite 200, Toronto, Canada M5G 1L7

Phone: 416-673-6673

Email: [email protected]

Year Founded: 2010   

Employees: 18

Holding Company: Self Care Catalysts Inc.

Sample Clients: Gilead, Shire, Novartis, Ipsen, Lundbeck

New Business Contact: Grace Soyao ([email protected])


Self Care Catalysts is a patient intelligence and solutions company that integrates patient research with cutting-edge digital solutions.

With experience in primary patient market research in more than 30 therapeutic areas, and in collaboration with more than 10 leading patient organizations, Self Care Catalysts developed a self-care and disease-management tool with patients to empower them to track their health outside the clinical setting. Analysis of the real-world, real-time data collected is used to understand patient behavior and uncover the true voice of the patient.


The Self Care Catalysts product and service portfolio is designed to provide patient-centric solutions and actionable insights based on real-world evidence to support business decisions across the pharma product lifecycle.

Health Storylines is a customizable mobile and Web-based application that is used by patients to manage their health outside clinical environments. Health Storylines can be used as a:

• Digital Patient Support Tool — value add solution for patient-support programs

• Direct Patient Communications Channel — deliver branded/unbranded messaging (videos, educational content, push notifications, email)

• Market Research Tool — patient journaling, custom surveys, medication adherence

• Clinical Research Trial Data Collection System — collect patient-reported outcomes

Patient Storylines is the data analytics platform behind Health Storylines. It is used to understand de identified/aggregated patient behavior in real-world environments. In addition to analyzing data collected from the Health Storylines application, Patient Story­lines also collects and organizes data from online social media conversations. Patient Storylines enables users to understand more about:

• Patient Adherence/Medication Usage — specifically the reasons behind patient non-adherence and the factors that influence adherence

• Patient Treatment Journey — what are the topics of interest at each stage of the patient journey

• Patient Personas — for the development of targeted patient communications campaigns

• Patient Brand Perception and Relationship — for brand strategy development and healthcare professional communications

Self Care Research and Consulting — Self Care Catalysts also offers qualitative and quantitative primary market research for pharma companies and has experience conducting patient market research in over 30 therapeutic areas (including Oncology and Rare Diseases).


• Patient-centric solutions

• Patient behavior intelligence and analytics

• Patient decision-making

• Patient marketing strategy