What are the game-changing ideas that didn’t come to pass in 2018 that will prove transformative in 2019?

At its best, social media represents an opportunity for brands to engage in a conversation with their customers about health and wellness.

However, thus far, most brands have only used social media in a very limited way. In 2019, if we can figure out as a healthcare community how to optimize the potential of social media to benefit patients, that will be truly transformative.

Steven Michaelson, founder and CEO

Calcium - Steven Michaelson

Company Profile

Calcium is a full-service, independent healthcare marketing agency offering strategic and creative firepower; robust expertise with medical and scientific content; and leading-edge, in-house digital capabilities. These capabilities — combined with a nimble and efficient agency structure — have enabled Calcium to deliver real market impact for a variety of clients. This, in turn, has helped Calcium become an agency that’s strongly on the move in terms of its growth.

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Calcium is distinguished by a client service approach that’s very hands on — even at the most senior levels. With Calcium, clients can benefit from big agency talent and support without the big agency bureaucracy. This means the agency’s talents and energies can be focused where they’re needed most: on delivering the various forms of brand nourishment that make businesses thrive.

In today’s complex healthcare marketplace, brands continue to be a potent force. Brands, among other things, are vehicles for engagement, creating strong connections between businesses and the people they serve. When brands are vibrant and alive, businesses flourish. By maximizing brand health, Calcium is able to deliver the kind of powerful business impact clients are seeking.

Given the significant challenges faced by today’s life sciences companies, brand nourishment requires strategic thinking of the highest order. At Calcium, our strategic acumen has been honed over many years of accumulated real-world experience, across a wide span of client engagements, and in a diverse range of categories. Through our industry networks, we’re able to track and identify the healthcare landscape changes that affect strategy — enabling Calcium to deliver more effective solutions. The strong strategic foundation we build — and share with clients — supports all of the critical work we do.

Our unique form of brand nourishment consists of a steady stream of powerful, engagement-building ideas: strategic, scientific, creative, and technical. The Calcium culture emphasizes the constant genesis of new ideas to drive brand and client growth. In our view, ideating freely and vigorously on behalf of clients and constantly asking “what if?” is the lifeblood of what we do.

So whether you’re a marketer looking for a dynamic AOR to drive growth for your current or launch brand, or an agency person looking to nourish growth in your own career, contact Calcium. We have teams located in New York City, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.

Isn’t it time to experience a more nourishing agency relationship? We’re Calcium — let’s build something strong together.

Fast Facts

Address: New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco

Phone: 215-238-8500

Email: [email protected]

Year Founded: 2012  

Employees: 90

Holding Company: None

Sample Clients: Bristol-Myers Squibb, Nabriva Therapeutics, ITF Pharma

New Business Contact: 917-612-3290