What are the game-changing ideas that didn’t come to pass in 2018 that will prove transformative in 2019?

Patient-focused drug development, a game-changing idea formalized by the 2018 FDA guidance, will really come into play for 2019. Expect changes in clinical trial development and recruitment activities, making the role of marketing and communications in that mix potentially transformative. In particular, the use of data and analytics to obtain patient-focused insights will be critical to optimize campaigns in real time.

Michelle Gross, president


Company profile

Spectrum is both one of the nation’s leading health and science communications agencies and proudly independent. We combine the power of science and storytelling and take a strategy-first approach to building value with key stakeholders over time, using an integrated, channel-agnostic approach combined with industry-leading measurement to deliver on goals and differentiate our clients from competitors.


Unique to an agency of our size, our in-house teams of digital and creative experts, Ph.D. scientists, precision communications specialists, and data professionals are interwoven with our account teams, bringing a unique mix of scientific rigor, creativity, and contemporary smarts to all we do.

In 2018, Spectrum launched Galileo6, our first-of-its-kind marketing intelligence platform, to address the challenge of today’s marketplace. Galileo6 uses machine learning to provide our teams with the ability to sift through monitoring data and highlight the most important stories gaining traction, not every single mention, so clients can engage with top conversations as they’re developing.

Spectrum is based in Washington, DC, with offices in New York, Atlanta, and Chicago. The agency provides global reach with local insights as U.S. partner and chair of GlobalHealthPR (GHPR), the largest independent health and science communications agency partnership worldwide.

For more info, visit www.spectrumscience.com or follow @SpectrumScience on Twitter and Instagram.

Services and offerings

Spectrum is a full-service marketing and communications agency. We take an integrated, strategy-first approach to all programs. By sitting digital, social, science, media, data analytics, and account strategy team members side by side, Spectrum drives synergies for clients and creates seamless strategic and tactical executions that engage audiences in real time to deliver on clients’ business goals.

Capabilities include scientific and data milestones; branding and positioning; digital and social strategy; corporate comms; creative services; internal comms; advocacy relations; clinical trial recruitment; KOL development; approval/launch comms; executive visibility; patient and HCP engagement; public affairs; and game-changing measurement and analytics.

Core capabilities

Health and science communications is the only thing we do. We live and breathe science and storytelling, and clients reap the benefits of our relentless dedication. While many agencies have a dedicated healthcare practice, Spectrum is further specialized to deliver the most relevant strategies across unique practice areas: biotech, biopharma, consumer science, health tech, and public affairs.

In the spirit of storytelling, we turn data into actionable insights. Instead of reporting on just numbers, our results explore how programs performed, who engaged, what business objectives were met, and how we can continue to evolve. Empowered by Galileo6, we live and breathe the motto: “Measurement is about improving, not proving.”

Fast Facts

Address: Headquarters, 2001 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Second Floor, Washington, DC, 20006

Phone: 202-955-6222  

Year Founded: 1996  

Employees: 120

Holding Company: Spectrum is an independent agency

New Business Contact: Dayna Hochstein, SVP