Big network agencies have a lot of layers of red tape. And for Tim Frank, owner of Triple Threat Communications (TTC), that meant less time working with clients and developing the relationships that matter. Over 16 years ago, Frank stepped away from that big network agency model so that he could answer to clients, not to a giant holding company — and TTC was born. Since then, TTC  has built a different type of ad agency — one that’s, well, the “unagency” kind. No more divided attention. No more stifling layers of approval to work through.

In the second of a three-part video series, TTC highlights why undivided contact helps make their company the “unagency.” Their first video delved into their unrivaled experience and the third will illuminate its unlimited flexibility as a key differentiator.

The importance of undivided contact

The relationship with a client is what drives every team member at TTC. The needs of the client come first, even before those of the agency. The goal is to do what’s best for the client and ensure that TTC and the client are in alignment. One of the ways TTC stays true to its mission is through effective communication. Team members make a point of staying connected via email, text, phone, chat and more. It’s about more than simply keeping the client informed, it’s also about ensuring that the client feels seen and understood. That’s why, at TTC, the preferred method of being in undivided contact is in person.

The benefit of high-touch contact

TTC is an agency where highly experienced people work directly with the brands. Here, team members take a hands-on, personalized approach to the way they build client relationships. They are truly accessible and responsive to their clients. 

Whether calling in the morning or at midnight, a client can reach a TTC employee who knows about their brand and efforts practically 24/7. There’s no hierarchy to stand in the way of effective communication. Everyone is on the same team. It’s one way that TTC distinguishes itself from big agencies. The people doing the work are also available to speak about the work. Team members understand that they need to be in touch, up close and personal, with clients in order to understand their needs and do the best work. Transparency and communication are at the heart of all of their successful partnerships. 

What makes TTC different 

TTC is relationship-driven, not agenda-driven. With a laser focus on the client, the agency prides itself on connecting with clients. Every day, team members show up with their best. They relate to their clients on a personal level and offer that added support and care that makes all the difference. The result is an enduring partnership built on respect, trust, and shared goals. It’s the type of relationship that only comes from being fully present and focused. Everyone is working side by side to create the best work possible.

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