If we want to reach true health equity, we have to shift our mindset from one-size fits all to one-size-fits-one. We must empower people to take charge of their own health care, to get out of the back seat and step into the driver’s seat. Before the pandemic, patients would look primarily to their doctors for direction about their care, and unfortunately all too often patients seek out care after something has already happened with their health. Now, consumers are seeking out their own care, taking at-home tests, relying on wearables to monitor their health. They’re the most active they have ever been when it comes to their health.

Join Labcorp Chief Marketing Officer, Amy Summy, along with Patti Birbiglia, Vice President Growth and Insights at Labcorp, and Lauren DeGeorge, EVP, Head of Client Services at Publicis in this candid conversation about consumer-driven healthcare.