Creating a Full Customer Experience Lifecycle

How GRAVITYai stands out among intelligence platforms

Advances around big data are happening at an explosive speed, holding the promise of answering some of the most prominent questions around curing diseases, as well as finding solutions to prevent them. In healthcare, every clinical, commercial, or marketing decision impacts a human life and with data at the forefront of decision-making, choosing the right healthcare intelligence platform matters.

A recent conversation between Amar Urhekar, global president, Ashfield Health, Annemarie Crivelli, global experience director, Mind+Matter, an Ashfield Health Company, and Marc Iskowitz, executive editor, MM+M got straight to the heart of the matter—how GRAVITYai, Ashfield Health’s newest intelligence platform, can help harness, connect and pinpoint the decisions that matter most.

The four roads to activation

“What we’ve learned from our clients is that in many cases, their data is fragmented, coming from many different places, a lot of different sources and growing every day,” said Crivelli. “This makes it difficult to know what data to use, what to ignore and oftentimes, where to even start.”

GRAVITYai was created to address these issues.

A dynamic data platform that fuses different disciplines and technologies, GRAVITYai has the ability to absorb data from multiple sources, then organize and unify them, surfacing patterns and providing insights illustrated on a customized dashboard. The platform uses four distinct dimensions that work together to unlock audience understanding.

•  The Audience Explorer digs deep into online and offline data to collect and analyze as many points as possible, in some cases turning qualitative analysis, quantitative.

•  The Audience Creator collects millions of customers signals such as demographics and behaviors, to pinpoint and prioritize the audience and segmentation from a descaling perspective.

•  The Predictor creates custom algorithms by using artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing, to predict the likelihood to prescribe and diagnose, and beyond that, the channels, messages and tactics that will work for a key segment.

•  And lastly, The Activator is an omnichannel activation which compiles all of the data analysis the platform created, then recommends and activates, in multiple channels, where an audience will be receiving messages when they need them.

“The efficiencies being created by bringing together all of the data is removing any kind of fragmented or segmented data sets and then filling in any gaps to fully see a full customer experience lifecycle,” noted Urhekar.  “It allows everyone to begin to understand what’s moving an audience which enables us to target those segments.”

Customization prioritization

While there are a handful of healthcare data platforms out there to choose from, what sets GRAVITYai apart is the ability to offer customization across stakeholders—a key element considering that health executives rank a highly personalized experience as a top strategic priority.

“Harnessing data to produce more actionable insights at higher speeds and greater scale will become a normal part of doing business,” said Urhekar in closing. “We truly believe that will continue to be an important data platform across the industry, helping us solve our client’s business problems, so that we can continue to add value and improve the impact and efficiency of customer experience our clients are looking for.”

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