In healthcare communications, oncology continues to be one of the most rapidly growing therapeutic categories. That’s why we need to attract more people, from entry level to executive level, to enter this field. We need to combat the misperception that oncology is boring, solemn and serious. Everything clinical. Data, data, data. Boring creative. 

Today, oncology is none of those things. It’s exciting, inspiring and creative! If you want to be a changemaker, here are a few reasons why you should consider making a move to oncology.

1. Cures are coming. 

If we look back even just five years ago, all of the drugs we worked on were for late-stage, metastatic disease with a certain death sentence. 

A lot has changed since then. Cancer mortality in the U.S. — particularly in prostate, breast, lung and colorectal cancers — is significantly lower due to advances in cancer treatments. Today, even some of the metastatic diseases are seeing five-year overall survival from first-line therapies. And remarkably, more oncology brands have or are expecting data in the adjuvant setting. That’s the stage where cure is really possible. 

2. The science is constantly evolving. 

Oncology is one of the most rapidly growing and changing disease areas with the most investment in new scientific discoveries. A deeper understanding of the genetic basis of cancer and interactions between cancer and the immune system are transforming treatment. 

Newer therapies are more tailored to the patient’s specific cancer, and therefore more effective and often less toxic. From CAR-T therapy to personalized vaccine development, oncology offers the most innovation and advances. 

3. Data alone is no longer enough. 

The oncology market has seen an explosion of new therapies. Last year, 17 cancer drugs were approved by the FDA — more approvals than in any other therapeutic category. 

Our clients recognize how competitive the space is and the problem of information overload. That means that data alone is not enough. We need to make smart, insightful marketing decisions and our creative needs to be innovative and attention grabbing. 

That’s why our mantra is “Creative with Purpose” — we have the responsibility to craft ideas that are as bold and inspired as the therapeutic innovation they represent. 

4. The voice of the patient matters. 

People living with cancer as well as their care partners are more involved in therapeutic decision-making than ever before. They have ideas and questions about their treatment that should not be trivialized, but rather met with respect and dignity. As an industry, we need to listen and engage patients in ways that we’ve never done before to realize the potential of today’s cancer advances. 

5. Our work has purpose. 

One thing hasn’t changed in world of oncology advertising: Our work continues to have purpose. But now, perhaps the purpose is even more profound. With the possibilities of a new world where cancer isn’t a death sentence, everyone needs to clearly understand all of their choices because better outcomes are at stake. That’s an incredibly big responsibility, and as part of the cancer community, we’re ready to do our part. 

At Biolumina, oncology is our sole focus, so we’re committed to attracting more people to make the move to this incredibly rewarding therapeutic category.
We believe that with all of the growth and opportunity happening in the world of cancer, it’s time to spread the word and love about working in a space filled with purpose, intellectual stimulation and creativity.