The world was never going back

The event that shook the planet in March of 2020 was more than a pandemic, it was the ultimate challenger in how we would behave as a global community. At first, we all believed that in due time we would return to our offices and get back to the way things were (myself included). Soon, everyone began to explore the possibility of a hybrid work experience. What we’ve learned is that it’s about the mindset of how we work, and how to do it better. For our agency, this was the tipping point for an evolution that had been in the works for years. To reflect that, HCB Health has become Boundless Life Sciences Group.

To be Boundless is to think freely

Our firm was born in Austin more than 21 years ago. We have grown up in a culture that celebrates innovation, technology and science. We have seen countless problems turn into solutions, ideas into companies. All in the backdrop of a city that is imagining its future every day. In a way, we’ve always had a Boundless mindset.

To be Boundless is to see over mountains

Disease and disorders are the ultimate mountain range. Boundless Life Sciences Group imagines ways to see over them and ultimately tunnel through them by applying creative thinking to get things done. We build agile teams whose sole focus is on the solution, not their personal P&L or how many hours they can bill. The Boundless way is customized, bespoke and flexible.

Kerry Hilton, CEO and founder, Boundless Life Sciences Group.

To be Boundless is to be deeply collaborative

We are building strength where our clients work and live in places such as New York City, New Jersey, Chicago, Boston, Austin and California. We equally celebrate team members who live where they so choose, because it is our work that matters, not our ZIP code. Our “in-person” time together revolves around staff collaboration and client engagement, which has elevated client satisfaction scores and led to requests to expand our services.

Our answer has been to join forces with another new, powerful force in the healthcare marketplace, NPG Health. Together, our combined group will be more than 250 people with combined billings of more than $50 million. We’re adding more data scientists and medically focused Ph.D.s. We’re upping our services in performance marketing and KOL mapping. We’re adding more specialists in rare diseases and oncology. We’re increasing capabilities from early clinical development planning and strategy, inclusive of clinical trial support, through medical communications, advertising and promotion. And we’re just getting started. We are on the road to building the next generation healthcare platform to serve our clients.

The Boundless approach better supports breakthroughs

The road to commercialization is a long and winding one filled with many unexpected obstacles, pitfalls and competitive landmines. Gone are the days when a clinical development team would work in a vacuum on a product, get it through the rigors of clinical trials and hand over a submitted asset for an in-line marketing team to take over the finish line and bring it to market. This is why our teams are designed to follow a molecule to market. Our goal is to support critical commercial decisions throughout the clinical development process and to imagine a future with effective access to treatment. Our combination of market knowledge, algorithmic-based insights and experience helps us understand how we can shape a future together that will improve healthcare.

We imagine a world where clinical trials attract diverse candidates for inclusion. We imagine a world where access is achieved for those who are battling the disease we have worked on for years. We start our conversations with “how can it be done” and continue onward. We imagine we are accountable to people battling disease and disorders. It is this type of Boundless thinking that defines us.

Boundless unlocks creativity

Breakthrough creativity requires unique insights from data scientists, a new vision from creatives that inspires analysts to look for different answers and the ability to integrate it all to create solutions we couldn’t imagine when we started. Real integration leads to more powerful ideas and insights because we don’t see walls between our groups. It’s why data scientists and creatives are teammates, not part of some supply chain that de-personalizes the process. No walls or silos. Just Boundless connectivity.

Our Boundless mission

Our mission is to improve the lives of patients. We start with ourselves and ask if we are set up to be their best advocate in all of our work. Their needs drive our business model. Technology and science also shape it. It’s why we think of Boundless, not so much as a firm, but as a life sciences platform that will evolve continually. It’s a way of life that aligns us with a common purpose. Because when we approach our world with Boundless thinking, there’s no limits to what we can do together to improve the lives of others.

For those who want to think and live Boundlessly

Whether your innovation is in early-stage development, a struggling challenger, in the throes of getting ready for launch or your brand simply needs a new voice, Boundless Life Sciences Group can help take you to a new level.  To learn more, visit us at