What innovation has the most potential for disruption along the patient journey, and at which stage?

There are many points along the patient journey that can change the trajectory toward optimal outcomes. But the most powerful moments are the few minutes where the patient and provider are talking. The communication behaviors that take place in these appointments not only impact treatment decisions, but also how patients interpret, feel, and live with their condition. Meaningful innovation will facilitate and prepare patients and providers to have an open dialogue at the point of care, so that the decisions made reflect the real-world needs and goals of patients and help them gain confidence to manage their condition over the long term.




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In today’s healthcare environment, the recipe for commercial success continues to change. In addition to the number of prescriptions written and the length of time patients remain on therapy, pharma is constantly looking for additional ways to provide value, improve the patient experience, and ultimately generate better patient outcomes.

With more than 20 years of expertise in human health behavior, our highly specialized approach applies evidence-based strategies from health psychology and behavioral science to change patient and provider behavior and drive real-world results for our clients.


MicroMass has always maintained that optimal patient outcomes are the key to success in healthcare. Achieving outcomes requires more than education and compelling messages — it requires a specialized approach that actively shifts attitudes, builds skills, and changes behavior.

MicroMass integrates behavioral science, creative, and technology to create real-world solutions in five key areas:

• Patient engagement and support

• Relationship marketing

• Precommercial and clinical communications

• Provider advocacy and non-personal promotion

• Health behavior training and consulting

In addition, MicroMass is constantly looking to apply behavioral science in innovative ways to effectively solve challenges faced by our clients and the pharma industry. Our newest innovation is an integrated patient-provider solution that goes beyond a clinical approach to address whole patient needs. It starts with an understanding of the clinical, behavioral, and psychosocial needs of patients using innovative tools including Landmark Surveys to generate real-world data.

Results that shed light on whole-patient needs are then leveraged to generate solutions that are delivered through clinical field teams. Field teams are trained in evidence-based approaches that address the psycho­social and clinical needs of patients. These teams also deliver tools and ongoing communications that optimize experience on therapy. This whole-patient approach supplements conventional awareness efforts with active motivation and skill-building programs to accelerate product awareness and adoption and ultimately drive toward optimal outcomes.

More than 20 years ago, MicroMass introduced the idea of using evidence-based behavioral strategies to shift attitudes, build skills, and improve patient outcomes for pharma brands. Our award-winning creative translates behavioral science into compelling programs that change the lives of patients. Learn more at MicroMass.com.