Marketers were asked to share a specific example of a change in the way you approached the point-of-care space during the pandemic.

David Linetsky

SVP, Life Sciences, Phreesia

Prior to COVID-19, POC had been moving beyond the four walls of provider offices. However, as the pandemic accelerated, this trend gained increasing momentum. Phreesia adapted quickly by expanding to support no-waiting room and virtual workflows. In March, we launched Intake for Telehealth, which allows providers to capture necessary information before a virtual visit, and Zero-Contact Intake, which enables practices to remotely register patients for their in-person appointments.  

Launching these new products has allowed Phreesia to align our intake platform with new POC safety standards and continue delivering personalized, one-to-one engagements to patients, whether they’re checking in from their mobile device at home or in their car outside of their provider’s office. We are privileged to support providers and patients at the POC. More than ever, we’re proud of how Phreesia has helped providers respond to COVID-19, while also engaging patients with awareness content they need to improve their health. 

Joe Petrosino

CRO, Health Media Network

With the advent of the pandemic, the connection we have with our clients and practice partners has become paramount. With so much uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, we came to understand that a reliable and appropriate content narrative would help to demystify the virus. For practices, that meant sharing across our platform. For advertisers, we made our content available to them and also regularly share findings from our ongoing practice and patient surveys.  

Those findings along with updated information from global and national health leadership help to inform everything we do. Our commitment to produce original COVID-19 content continues and will be central to our strategy going forward. 

As we look to the future and hopefully a successful 2021, we are innovating and rethinking what success means. With new products in the works and new POC locations added to our network, that which felt daunting a few months ago, today, feels hopeful.

Kristen Mignon

Digital Strategist, Ogilvy Health

This year has brought much change and uncertainty, with the pandemic impacting all areas of our lives. In particular, the point of care space was rocked with the challenge of quickly incorporating new technologies to reach both HCPs and patients. As pharma companies grappled with sales reps unable to set foot in HCP offices, many turned to non-personal promotion. 

A heavy emphasis has been placed on supporting the physician with appropriate information, and perhaps even more importantly, in making sure patients can get their medication and are compliant. Patient support messaging and the transmission of copay cards have become areas of focus. With pandemic-related job and income losses, it’s more important than ever to ensure patients and HCPs are aware of assistance. We know the demand for non-personal engagement opportunities will increase as telehealth visits become more the norm and more targeted communications for HCPs will continue to be a priority.