Triple Threat Communications (TTC) has built a different type of ad agency — one that’s, well, the “unagency” kind. No more divided attention. No more stifling layers of approval to work through. Over 16 years ago, the company stepped away from that big network agency model so that it could answer to its clients, not to a giant holding company.

In the first of a three-part video series, TTC highlights why unrivaled experience helps makes it the “unagency.” The other two videos will illuminate other points of differentiation: undivided contact and unlimited flexibility

The meaning of experience at TTC

TTC is laser-focused on its clients and what they need. The goal is to put the client before the agency and to do whatever it takes to make each project a success. Everyone on the team works together, provides input and problem-solves. That’s how TTC can jump in and get things done quickly. They pride themselves on getting jobs done right the first time and with less churn.

More importantly, though, everyone who works at TTC knows what they’re talking about. Team members have, on average, 15 years of industry experience. That’s a lot of expertise for clients to tap into. Having that deep knowledge has been critical in helping clients work through solutions and authentically communicating with key audiences. It makes the process easier and better for the brands they work on.

What sets TTC apart 

TTC is solution-driven, not structure-driven. For well over a decade now, TTC has operated with full virtual capabilities, ensuring that they have the best people in place, regardless of where they work from. Not only are they experts in remote models, but it made them much more flexible and collaborative in the process. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach at TTC. What the team likes is working directly with brands on the day-to-day. They like to be seen as partners in the brand-building process. At TTC, there are no silos. Everyone is using their creativity and intelligence in service of the client’s needs. That singular focus brings more purpose to their work and makes it possible to do the impossible.

The benefit to clients

TTC fills a gap in the medical marketing industry. It’s an agency where really experienced people work directly with the brands. What drives TTC team members are their relationships with clients. From day one, clients meet with senior team members. And it’s not just for the pitch. Those same leaders are the main point of contact every single day that they work together. It’s another way that TTC stays true to its mission and distinguishes itself from big agencies. Here, the focus has been clear from the beginning: to put client needs first. And that’s where it will stay.