hybrid social distancing

As we all come to terms with a new normal, our world has become fully virtual—essentially overnight. Although we’re physically distant from one another, that doesn’t mean we have to remain socially or intellectually distant from one another. Fortunately, now more than ever, the technology needed to maintain productivity through difficult times is readily available. 

The prevailing wisdom has always been that there are certain experiences you can’t replicate virtually, but we believe we can come a lot closer with the technology available in 2020. The question that drives us at Hybrid every day is one that many companies are facing right now—how do you create virtual experiences that rival our most successful live events? 

When Hybrid develops a virtual event, we first identify all the benefits a live event offers and then we reverse engineer a solution that provides those benefits in an online environment. In addition to the technology, we have to consider human factors such as seamless participant entry, engagement and live interactivity, data collection, content resources, as well as enduring content and post-event follow up. And most importantly, we work diligently to capture that “live” feel that makes an event memorable. To this point, there are numerous core elements necessary for the successful planning and implementation of a virtual event. A small selection of these items includes:

High-quality Video and Audio Streaming

At the core of every successful live event is the ability to see and hear all attendees clearly. Virtual events should be no different.

Easy Access

Access without barriers. The need for a specific device, downloads, plug-ins, or any additional steps should be mitigated.

Live Moderation and Moderator Support

A virtual meeting provider shouldn’t leave you alone in the dark with their fingers crossed. Someone should be live and with you every step of the way to ensure your meeting is successful.

Live Q&A and Polling

Similar to audience response systems during a live event, a virtual event needs to engage participants to garner immediate feedback to both presenters and other participants. By polling and revealing data from the audience in real time, you provide a feedback loop of learning that then can be measured post-meeting. In fact, attendees are instantly more invested in the event if they are able to view how their peers respond on important issues.

Interactive Breakout Sessions

Group thinking is key to breaking down barriers and drilling down on issues. The most successful virtual events offer smaller group interactions that allow for greater participation from each individual participant. As a result, participants can add many points of view to the conversation, which adds to the data pool.

Content Library

Resourcing a meeting is sometimes tough, especially live ones. The days of toting the 500-page reference binder are long gone with a virtual resource library integrated into the virtual meeting space. Slide backups, references, imagery, and other materials can be stored in the content library and brought into the discussion at any time.

Data Collection

You’ve engaged your audience virtually. You’ve asked them questions; they’ve provided answers. Now what? Virtual events actually provide significantly more levels of data. Every action, every click, every polling answer, and every piece of content shared can be tracked and analyzed. This allows you to fine tune future events.

Enduring Content and Follow Up

Virtual events have the benefit of enduring forever and being accessible 24/7. Utilize HD video capture and synthesize collected data to be shared with a larger audience over time. Lastly, follow up and recapture those who participated in past events for future programs. You already have them in your database.

Creating great virtual events is an art as much as a science, the orchestra of logistics and technology integration can be daunting. The good news is once you have the right architecture in place, a flexible, scalable and durable virtual engagement platform can be tailored to meet a wide range of objectives.  Execution of advisory boards, speaker training, symposia, internal corporate events, customer engagements, and sales force training present the best implementation opportunities. After your initial investment, planning virtual events will require less resources and bandwidth compared to typical live meeting planning requirements. No more contingencies for weather or travel; cost effective meetings can be held at any time of the year with much shorter lead times. 

Hybrid has taken on the challenge of preserving the benefits of successful live events in virtual experiences. HYBRID L!VE is a comprehensive virtual engagement platform. HYBRID L!VE was engineered by experts in the industry and is ready for immediate deployment in this challenging time. Hybrid L!VE offers live HD video streaming, easy access, live Q&A and polling, virtual breakout rooms, content libraries, live moderator support, and program enduring capabilities. HYBRID L!VE doesn’t leave you alone in a dark virtual space and hope for the best. No, we are there every step of the way with you to ensure your meeting is successful. If you are looking for a virtual meeting solution that encompasses the critical features of a live event and is ready for immediate deployment, give us a call, shoot us an email, or message us on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram. We’ll be happy to set-up a “virtual” demo at your convenience.