Over the past few years, we have witnessed a profound change in how people engage on digital channels to receive healthcare information, treatment support and patient care. This transformation reflects a rising preference from healthcare providers (HCPs) and consumers for customer-first digital experiences that deliver on the promise of relevant, timely and tailored healthcare information to improve patient outcomes.

2023 is the year for healthcare brands to achieve true digital transformation and personalization for their customer engagement. The best brands rise above the clutter and noise by engaging with intelligence and delivering exceptional experiences.

“We help improve patient lives by powering smart digital multi-channel campaigns, enabling our client’s brand to identify the need and deliver the greatest value to providers and consumers in near real-time,” says Greg Field, head of platform, Lasso, an IQVIA business. Intelligent engagement is achieved by effectively integrating and activating unique behavioral insights, real-world preference and signal data and digital multichannel engagement to harmonize and deliver rich brand experiences.

IQVIA’s Digital Enablement Center of Excellence unlocks the ability to:

• Find the right audiences with high-performing, privacy-optimized segments
• Coordinate reach across every channel using data everywhere for impactful campaigns
• Engage with intelligence by leveraging advanced capabilities, predictive sequencing and next best
• Measure effectiveness with unparalleled insights for reporting and optimization
• Adapt quickly to market conditions with our integrative expertise across data, media and tech

“Brand managers and their teams have been forced to become data scientists, project managers, procurement experts and integration specialists, instead of being able to focus solely on delivering the best experiences to their audiences and driving better patient outcomes,” explains Frank Lin, VP and GM, IQVIA Digital Enablement Center of Excellence. As champions of building bridges in healthcare digital media and communications, we believe an open and integrated ecosystem will allow healthcare marketers and publishers to move faster, advance new customer engagement opportunities and improve and optimize their strategies. We enable more brands to fully participate in building personalized relationships with healthcare providers and patients, regardless of resources.

An open ecosystem must have the following three pillars:

Privacy: Data collected with appropriate consent and de-identification in compliance with regulatory requirements and adaptable to technology changes.
Integrity: A commitment to following industry best practices for data collection and responsible use of data.
Transparency: Detailed reporting on campaign results using methods that are comprehensive and easy to understand.

Our vision is paving the way for unparalleled customer engagement, next-generation omnichannel storytelling, an integrated measurement suite and real-time campaign optimization — all powered through an end-to-end data and platform-agnostic operating system for intelligent healthcare marketing and analytics. By simplifying workflows that used to take days into seconds, and integrating functionality that previously required multiple vendors into one, we allow brands to focus their time and resources on driving real-world outcomes.

Let’s improve lives together

Now is the time for a significant step forward to modernize healthcare communications and transform brand experiences, so that every digital touchpoint leads to a better patient outcome. IQVIA’s commitment to intelligent engagement and an open ecosystem establishes a new foundation for future-ready HCP and DTC marketing.