Hi again. Here are some highlights from a frenzied Saturday morning/early afternoon at SXSW.

– You could do worse than to set up shop at Energizing Health HQ for the rest of your SXSW Health stay. Friday and Saturday, it featured a range of health justice community programming, including smart discussions about the roles communities can play as health innovation and implementation hubs. Also, the Energizing Health folks made the wise, if not heart-healthy, decision to set up shop at Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que. You know it’s good because of the way they hyphenate and spell “barbecue.”

– Smart people saying smart, pithily quotable stuff, pt. 1: “In healthcare, we’re trying to make the line shorter at Blockbuster Video instead of inventing Netflix.” – Dr. David Feinberg, VP at Google Health

– Activity in which we did not participate this morning: Howard Schultz’s featured session in cavernous ballroom D of the convention center. Judging by the chatter on the (extremely long) line, a non-small percentage of the audience was there to razz the guy. Is there a conference equivalent of hate-watching? Maybe hate-attending? Hate-waiting-on-massive-queue-for-brief-moment-of-bias-confirming-satisfaction-ing? I’ll work on the wording. Anyway, check out this Dave Weigel thread for highlights.

– Stat of the day: 7% of all Google searches are health-related. That amounts to about 1 billion health-related searches every day. That is a lot.

– Smart people saying smart, pithily quotable stuff, pt. 2: “We haven’t even scratched the surface of the potential of where the digital health market is going. The future is trillions, not billions.” – Unity Stoakes, StartUp Health

– Best dressed: The dude in the “I Hope They Play Creep” t-shirt. I didn’t ask him to pose for obvious reasons — because I’m no creep. Get it? But I’ll be ordering like 12 of these and sharing them with members of my very exclusive music-snob coterie.

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